Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The big one - When does the next season start?

A: Co-ED Flag Football, Kickball, and Volleyball. Games start in late June!



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About Us

Locations and Format


Setting up Teams / Joining with Friends


About Us

Why was USLA created?

USLA was created by and for young urban professionals who want to play sports, meet new people, go to bars/parties together, while contributing to local non-profit organizations.

Who runs USLA?

USLA is run by our two co-founders Jeff and Sae, along with our awesome team of Referees and Event Managers! See more in the About Us section.

Is it true two of your co-founders were named Time Person of the Year?

Yes, we generally don't go around bragging about it though. Jeff and Sae were named Time Person of the Year in 2006 for their contributions in the internet space. We do feel we were somewhat mis-portrayed, and it's a little exaggerated the way they described us. Come have a beer with us sometime, and we'll let you decide.

What is this I hear about some epic party you guys had with Mark Zuckerberg and Snoop Dogg?

We're not allowed to talk about it.



Locations and Format

Where are games played?

The games will be held at various locations in LA, depending on the sport.

Where are the after parties held?

The after parties are held at bars near the game locations. USLA members can enjoy discounts on food and drinks as well as bar games. 

What if a game gets cancelled due to poor weather?

To account for variant weather, we will do our best to alert USLA members if games are cancelled. Upon cancellation, the season will be extended and games will be pushed back a week. Your calendars and schedule will be immediately updated to account for the cancellation.

How long are the games?

Each game is allotted an hour. The first five minutes are a warm up period. Games will start sharply after the first five minutes to mitigate waiting time.

Can I participate in more than one league?

Please email us and we will see if we can fit you in more than one league. We generally recommend you stick to one league per day. But there are several players who play Thursday cornhole and another sport on a Sunday!

What is your most popular sport?

Beer Pong.

What is your least popular sport?

Our Motorcycle Polo League, while not necessarily unpopular, seems to not fare as well as our Kickball, Flag Football, and Volleyball leagues. 


What is included in the membership fee? Do I need to buy equipment?

Once you are registered and paid, you are all set. USLA will provide all equipment, T-shirts, referees and staff.

What is the refund policy?

USLA will refund your league fees in FULL up to the day prior to the first game of the season. 

Can a team add players during the season?

Yes, please reach out directly to [email protected].

How can I get a replacement uniform shirt?

A replacement shirt will cost $12. Please send an email to [email protected].

Setting up Teams / Joining with Friends

What if I don't have my own team?

We encourage free agents to join, and actually, MOST players will join as free agents. Once you're registered, USLA will place you on a team. 

Generally, in any given season 1/3 of the players are Free Agents (don't know anyone, or join with 1-2 friends), 1/3 are people who were previously Free Agents ("I love the team you guys put me on last season, we're all singing up again together!"), and the remaining 1/3 are full-on teams ("me and my best buds!") and some corporate teams (LA startups, media/entertainment, finance, culinary industries)

How do I Set up a Team? How do I join an Existing Team? How do I just join with a Friend(s)?

We've spent a lot of time and investment to make our system the easiest to use. No more "Captain foots the bill and collects" issues! USLA has easy team codes for setting up teams, and ridiculously easy process for just joining with a friend(s) and asking to be on the same team! CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO SET UP TEAMS AND JOIN WITH FRIENDS.

How old do you have to be to join USLA?

You must be between the ages of 21 and 86. Once you turn 87, you're out buddy!